Green Residence Addition
Lexington, Massachusetts










This solar-heated residence addition in Lexington includes a solarium/family room, garage, master bedroom suite with bath, and dining room extension.  The new addition was angled to face directly south and designed using a combination of energy conservation techniques and a hybrid active/passive solar heating and cooling system.  Active solar components of the system include: solar-heated domestic hot water system with roof mounted collectors, hot water storage tanks in the basement, heat exchanger loop to hot air distribution ducts, and a thermostat controlled fan-assisted hot air distribution system from solarium to main house.  The passive components consist of : large south facing glass areas in the solarium and dining room passageway, thermal mass tile floors to absorb heat, moveable sunshades and insulating shades for all windows, and design for a natural convection loop between the first and second floors of the addition to allow for natural distribution of heat in winter and cool air in summer.  In addition, a wood burning stove has been installed for backup heating.


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