Housing Feasibility Study
Webster, Massachusetts





As an integral part of an Urban Design Improvements Plan for the Webster Office of Community Development, Thomas Mayo Associates prepared a comprehensive Housing feasibility Study.  The purpose of the study was to determine those buildings within the downtown study area which were most feasible for rehabilitation for housing use.  TMA's approach was to initially survey approximately 50 buildings and to identify ten target buildings for detailed feasibility analysis.


An analysis, of the ten buildings was performed, including detailed investigation into the existing building conditions and utility systems, analysis of the problems and opportunities for housing rehabilitation and then preparation of conceptual plans and cost estimates in order to determine a prioritized implementation program.  As one measure of feasibility, it was assumed that the projects would be funded wholly or in part by federal and/or state programs.  The buildings were analyzed to determine rehabilitation work required for compliance with the Massachusetts Building Code and HUD minimum property standards.







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