Commerce Insurance Company Corporate Headquarters
Webster, Massachusetts


Restored and Newly Renovated Front Façade


The Commerce Insurance Company Corporate Headquarters is an adap­tive reuse of the historic 1905 Racicot Building located in Web­ster, Massachusetts.  This two million dollar renovation project designed by Thomas Mayo Associates represents one of the outstanding  accomplishments of the revitaliza­tion effort by the Town of Web­ster, as well as a major commit­ment to the improvement of life in the downtown by the private sector.


The interior of the building has been converted to a modern insur­ance company office building, re­flecting the corporate image pro­jected by C.I.C., and providing a pleasant working environment for the company's employees.  The exterior of the building has large­ly been restored to its original architectural detail; the first floor was modified to allow for new en­trances.


A landscaped park and pedestrian-way was also developed for the C.I.C. property adjacent to the building linking Web­ster's Main Street to a new UDAG-funded off street parking facility for 195 cars.


Isometric Drawing of New First Floor Plan




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