Capitol Theater Urban Renewal Plan
Pittsfield, Massachusetts



Proposed Restored North Street Facades & Theatre Marquee


Proposed New Traffic Circulation Pattern & Parking Areas


Proposed Improvements to Rear of Theatre Building and

New Parking Area


Thomas Mayo Associates participated with a multi- disciplinary consulting team in preparing an Urban Renewal Plan for the old Capitol Theater site in Pittsfield, MA. TMA was responsible for all architectural, urban design and engineering aspects of the project. 


The old Capitol Theater, closed by the owner and left to deteriorate over the years, created a blighting affect on the surrounding buildings and neighborhood. Although the theater block located to the rear of the property was beyond saving, the mixed-use commercial block/theater entrance building, which formed an integral part of the historic character of North Street, was well worth saving; the theater marquee was considered a landmark by many.


The architectural / urban design plan developed by TMA envisioned a restored North Street facade with rehabilitation of the commercial block, demolition of the deteriorated theater block, creation of a 150-space landscaped parking facility, traffic flow improvements, and streetscape improvements for the streets surrounding the project.  The conceptual plans developed by TMA for the Urban Renewal Plan have since been implemented, including the renovation and adaptive reuse of the North Street commercial block into the Pittsfield Senior Center.



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