Auburn Housing Authority/

Housing for the Elderly & Barrier-Free Housing

Auburn, Massachusetts





Thomas Mayo Associates/Architects & Urban Designers was selected as the Architect for this joint effort between the Auburn Housing Authority and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities & Development. This Housing for the Elderly/Barrier Free Housing project is a part of an overall $4.5 million dollar residential development consisting of four separate components on four separate sites located in Auburn, Massachusetts.  The four components, totaling 45 new housing units, include this 667 Housing for the Elderly/Barrier Free Housing project, a 705 Family Housing project, a 167 Special Needs Housing project, and a project consisting of a new Maintenance Garage and renovated Administration Offices for the Housing Authority.  Total building area for the entire project is 45,400 square feet.


This Housing for the Elderly and Barrier Free Housing component consists of the construction of four new two-story structures located at the rear of the Housing Authority's existing Pakachoag Village site. The building construction consists of wood-framed structure, prefabricated wood roof trusses and concrete slab on grade.  Total building area for this component is 22,608 square feet, and includes 28 new single bedroom standard dwelling units and three fully accessible barrier-free units.


The barrier-free housing units and a laundry/community building are located in single story structures, while the standard housing units are located in two-story buildings designed so that groups of four individual units are clustered around a common entrance/stair core.  Working with an extremely tight site, TMA developed the site design for the project based on orienting the dwelling units in four separate buildings around a central landscaped parking area.  Access road connection is provided to the existing Pakachoag Village housing area, as well as an emergency access road (designed as a pedestrian pathway) at the rear of the site.  Other site improvements include site lighting, sidewalks and landscaping.


This project has been designed under  Massachusetts Architectural Access Board and Federal Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines, and was developed in close coordination with the Town of Auburn through the Comprehensive Permit process.


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