Auburn Housing Authority/ Family Housing

Auburn, Massachusetts



View of Lower Cul-de-Sac Houses


View of Upper Cul-de-Sac Houses

Thomas Mayo Associates/Architects & Urban Designers were the Architects for this Auburn Housing Authority sponsored 705-2 Family Housing component of an overall 4.5 million dollar housing project financed through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities & Development.  This project consisted of the construction of 12 new residential units in six duplex buildings. Each duplex contains one two-bedroom unit and one three-bedroom unit. Groups of three duplex buildings are clustered around two cul-de-sac "nodes" on the long and narrow site, which allows both ends of the site to remain in a natural wooded setting.


The buildings are constructed with a concrete slab on grade and with wood frame structure.  Total building area for the project is 15,210 square feet.  The scope of this family housing project also included site grading and drainage, new access roadways, site utilities and site improvements, including a new playfield, and landscaping.  The project was developed in close coordination with the Town of Auburn through the Comprehensive Permit process.




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