Methuen Square Clock Tower Methuen, Massachusetts



The City of Methuen and the Methuen Downtown Association retained Thomas Mayo Associates/ Architects & Urban Designers to design the Methuen Square Clock Tower. The Clock Tower is a major downtown urban design feature which forms a focal point for Methuen Square, not only for the important historic buildings surrounding the Square, but as a highly visible symbol for the downtown commercial area.


The 34 foot steel tower sits atop a granite horseshoe shaped bench/base. An old stone watering trough that has been a downtown feature since the 1800's sits at the base of the tower. The tower contains four backlit clocks controlled by a GPS antenna system which maintains the clock's accuracy. The peaked roof is sheathed in pre-patinaed copper, and the structure is lit at night by lights hidden behind eight square steel light shields attached to the tower legs and downlights recessed behind the horizontal members.






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