Philosophy of Design

Thomas Mayo Associates /Architects & Urban Designers, is a firm dedicated to excellence in design. TMA's philosophy of design encompasses five key considerations:

*      client needs

*      user needs

*      surrounding environment

*      aesthetic and spatial quality

*      resource conservation

Our approach is to analyze the potential opportunities and constraints inherent in each of these five key considerations, and then to develop design solutions which maximize the positive benefits of the opportunities while working within the constraints. This approach requires considerable innovation in many cases.

Client Needs

In order to bring a building project to reality, the design process must first be responsive to the needs of the client in terms of development process, project schedule, financing requirements and budgetary constraints. We believe that our success is built on the success of our clients; therefore, Thomas Mayo Associates' approach is one of direct involvement of our principals in each project. This involvement, we have found, allows us to maximize our response to the client's needs.

User Needs

A building's success in terms of design is judged according to how well the building can be used by the people who live, work and play there, and how pleasant the building is to be in and around. The special needs and functional requirements of all building users, especially those of young children, the elderly, and the handicapped, must be understood thoroughly and incorporated into every detail of a building's design. This applies not only to the building itself, but the blending of the building into its surrounding environment, whether that environment is an urban neighborhood or a rural setting.

Our approach includes extensive involvement of the design team in determining the needs and special requirements of the various building users. Members of our firm have not only been responsible for organizing and managing community-wide participation in the design process, but have multi-project experience utilizing innovative design approaches to the special needs of our elderly population.

Surrounding Environment, Aesthetic and Spatial Quality

TMA's design approach determines what positive characteristics of both building and surroundings can be emphasized within the overall parameters of the project in order to create an environment which not only provides for the functional requirements of the building users, but provides environmental comfort and visual delight.

Resource Conservation

Finally, our approach includes a search for innovative ways to maximize the use and conservation of our natural and man-made resources. We recognize the value of reusing existing buildings, and to that end have been involved with many adaptive reuse projects, some of which would have otherwise been demolished. Thomas Mayo Associates has also been responsible for designing energy efficient residential and commercial projects tapping the renewable fuel sources of solar power and wood heat.

Thomas Mayo Associates is proud of its staff and their accomplishments toward developing this philosophy of design.



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